nunna joe bidnez (dementedpimento) wrote,
nunna joe bidnez


had to pop back into seclusion for a bit, forgot that the semester wasn't over. well, now it is.

have i mentioned how much i love gmail? i've heard bitchery about invasive advertising, but i find it pleasantly easy to ignore. in fact, the first ad i even noticed was this. i wonder what kind of e-mails i was sending to receive such a targeted advertisement. but, anyways.

good news comes in clumps:

i won a scholarship that i only vaguely knew i was qualified for
i got a ginormous raise from the SAT prep company, plus way more hours for the summer
i'm moving out by the end of the week, and i already have responsible, mature, rent-paying motherfuckers lined up for round two

my house is chaos, but it will not be my house for long. one of these days, i'll take the time to write the whole story. it's a fucking doozy. drugs, pit bulls, children, kittens, thievery, deceit, extreme gullibility (we're talking lucy/charlie brown/football here), police, broken glass, violence, manipulation, gossip, betrayal... man it's fucking juicy. i want to tell it now, i really do, but i don't even know where to start.
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