nunna joe bidnez (dementedpimento) wrote,
nunna joe bidnez

bubbles! bubblesbubblesbubblesbubblesbubbles!

heard this morning on npr:

Chemists discover that tiny air bubbles in a flask of strong acid can get hotter than the surface of the sun. This finding is the latest development in a controversial pursuit to generate nuclear energy in a tabletop device.

in other news, spring break is next week. i need it. i am jack's hot gas trapped in a boiling bubble.
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Is this like the quantum theory-stuff that there's enough energy in a square centimeter of vacuum to destroy the universe? True as far as it goes, but largely useless unless we have a much, much greater understanding than we have now?

I'll try to listen to it this afternoon.
I was watching this show on the Discovery channel (I think) about weird ocean creatures. This one thing gets its prey by snapping these claw like appendages. The snap results in this air bubble that shoots out, hits it's victim and stuns it so it can eat it up. The force of this air bubble somehow creates a temperature hotter than the sun for a very very brief second.

Wild shit. Thank God I wasn't high when I watched that or I woulda been scarred for life.
hehe.. bubbles.

do you want my online access to the economist? it expires in june, i think, but i haven't used it yet. (current issue is full acess, back issues are subscriber only).