nunna joe bidnez (dementedpimento) wrote,
nunna joe bidnez


i just taught somebody the quadratic formula. the gleam in his eye was priceless. i think i love my job. in fact, i'm sure.

kashmir is on a mission to drive me up the wall. i set the coffee pot on automatic last night. i set it for batman coffee, i mean, WHAMMO-ZAP-POW-KERPLOOSH, so i could be supercharged for school. when i got out of the shower, she told me, "the coffee was kinda strong, so i brewed some more water through it."

and so i was stuck drinking hot, lightly caffeinated water. grrrr. DON'T FUCK WITH MY COFFEE.

she dropped me off at school so she could take my car to an interview. when she picked me up, the car reeked of smoke. double fucking grrrr.

the rest of this post is for nova expatriates. as of noon today, WHFS is now El Zol.

will there be an elzolstival? i sure hope not. the world moves on...
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